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Zeke’s Christmas Wish

Zeke’s eyes widened, his step slowed, and a grin formed on his face, as if he was a kid in a candy store. Except it was even better: he was standing in Street2Street’s Toy Store.

All the sports gear, nerf guns and board games at the tip of his fingers, but Zeke’s gaze shifted to a baby doll in the corner.

“Instead of choosing a gift for myself, Coach, can I get something for my little sister?”

Zeke, a 16 year-old kid in our Paterson program, has never given his 8 year-old sister a Christmas gift. Not because he didn’t want to, but because he has never had the means to.

That is, until now.

Through the generosity of The Steven Strobert Foundation, in partnership with the Secaucus Police Department, Street2Street became the recipient of Santa’s Toy Land.

The word got out, and just like Zeke, other teenage boys lined up to get their younger siblings, nieces and nephews the perfect Christmas presents.

The generosity continued as we were able to bless families with a turkey for Christmas, too.

“In a year like this, to be able to gift our loved ones with presents and provide food for our families, is a miracle. We know it’s a blessing and we are thankful.”

Zeke walked down the street with a baby doll under his arm and the look of a proud big brother on his face.

The Street2Street family is thankful for Barbara Strobert and Kevin and Tara Nolan at The Steven Strobert Foundation and the Secaucus Police Department for making Christmas possible this year for kids who would have otherwise been without.

For every miracle, every gift given and received, thank you.

Because of you, our Champions are learning how to give gifts, and even to start believing in miracles again.

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