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You Can’t Outwork James

I scanned the gymnasium and something, rather someone, stood out.

While half of the kids were playing a fun shooting game with Coach André, the others were getting homework help from Coach Tajuan.

And then there was James. He wasn’t playing with the other kids or doing homework. In fact, he was on the complete opposite side of the gym with Coach Ernie.

“Coach!” I yelled across to Ernie. “Is James in trouble? Why isn’t he playing with the other kids?”

Coach Ernie laughed and James even added a slight chuckle.

“No, Coach”, James responded, “I’m not in trouble. I’m here to focus. I want to get better and Coach Ernie is helping me.”

James is a 15-year-old sophomore in high school who has goals and dreams, dedication and discipline. He joined Street2Street last year with his friends for the community aspect. And when he saw the opportunity to be his best, he took that, too.

“You can’t outwork James”, said Coach Ernie, with a proud smile forming on his face, “He’s in the gym every day, even after games, practicing to be better.”

James came to Street2Street seeking community. And he found it.

In fact, James comes to Street2Street every day the door is open.

Because of you, James has a place to show up five days a week to be coached by the best to become his best.

Until they all Play, Belong, & Matter.

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