It’s been a dream of ours for years to host Virtual Street2Street games and leagues. A topic of conversation that has circled as more kids stay home playing video games instead of risking their lives on the streets. Until now it has stayed an idea because, as you know, I’m not a “gamer”, I’m a baller!

Until now.

Since I’m a baller, it’s an odd picture, I’m sure. But there I was, researching gaming consoles, a Playstation 4 to be exact. “I’m in”, I said, without fully knowing what I was in for.

“Really? You would do this…for us?” the players stated in amazement.

Without hesitation, Coach André jumped in, “We would do anything for you guys!”

And the rest of the Zoom call was spent planning, dreaming, and of course, being told I was going to lose.