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They didn’t ask for this…

but this is what they got.

I don’t know if you would call it an epiphany. All I know is that it changed the course of my life … that day on a Brooklyn corner. It was spring, 2005 – our third year in the New York City area – and we were struggling to make an impact. Our ministry was floundering a bit and, really, why wouldn’t it? The green country boy from Georgia, here to tell inner-city kids he had the answers.

They were just walking by, ignoring me. That’s when the message hit me. Perhaps it wasn’t original or profound, but sometimes God gets through in simple terms.
“These kids didn’t ask for this.”

They didn’t ask to be in the world they were born into. Didn’t ask the father to leave. Didn’t ask for the poverty, the drug culture, the hopelessness. They didn’t choose the failing school system or the high crime neighborhood.

Just like I didn’t ask for two loving parents, the comfort of middle class, the advantages of a strong Christian foundation.

We live in a highly polarized world. Sometimes it’s easier just to evaluate things in political terms. Assign blame to this or that party. Analyze policy failures. Question funding priorities.

But when you’re a kid, you get what you’ve got for reasons mostly beyond your control. That day, on the corner in Brooklyn, I only saw lost souls, going through their motions, surviving. They didn’t vote democrat or republican or independent. Didn’t have a say in anything, really. These kids didn’t ask for this, but this is what they got.

The vision for Street 2 Street was born out of that simple thought. So that we could say, “You didn’t ask for this. We get it. But your past is not going to determine your future. No way.”

“Starting now, you will not be a statistic. Starting today, you will: Play. Belong. Matter.”

When you partner with Street 2 Street, you’re part of a great thing – an important thing. You show kids, “This is what you can be … and it’s better than anything you could have imagined.”

Thanks for being part of the team.

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