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The Thanksgiving Santa

I wish I could’ve seen it for myself. The day before Thanksgiving I received a call from TaJuan, our NJ Program Director. He was driving around his neighborhood with his trunk filled with Boxes of Love, his backseat with countless turkeys, and his passenger seat with about a million copies of our latest magazine, Street Stories. (If you haven’t received your copy of Street Stories yet, please email me and I will be happy to send you one.)

Every year Street2Street partners with Star of Hope Ministries to deliver Box of Love Thanksgiving meals to our players and their families. This year, we received enough that we could extend deliveries to our neighbors in need.

“I feel like a delivery man, Woody!” TaJuan said with a slight chuckle. “I’m like the Ice Cream Truck, driving down the road, stopping everyone I see to ask if they need Thanksgiving!”



As TaJuan was making a scheduled delivery, an elderly woman no taller than 5 feet peeped her head out of her front door. Her curiosity piqued as she saw him open his door, revealing all the turkeys. By the time TaJuan returned from his delivery, the woman was standing by his truck.

“Sir, is this what I hope it is?” she asked with a hint of desperation. He nodded, handed her a magazine and joyfully delivered the Thanksgiving feast to her home.

“You’re like the Thanksgiving Santa!” she said with a hearty laugh.

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