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The S2S Family

David showed up to practice 30 minutes early. He paced back and forth on the sidewalk dribbling his basketball. As cars started pulling into the lot, he scanned each driver until he finally saw his coach.
“Coach Ernie!” He yelled and waved and sprinted to Ernie, who was getting out of his car and grabbing the equipment.
Like the sprints he’d be running shortly in practice, David ran to his family and back to Ernie until they were all in a circle.
“Mom! Dad!” David exclaimed in Spanish. “This is the coach I’ve been telling you about! This is the program I can’t get enough of!”

David’s parents were excited he was getting involved in a basketball program, but were hesitant as they didn’t know Street2Street or the coaches and didn’t have the language to communicate.
That was, until they met Coach Ernie. Ernie is one of our coaches in Paterson who loves basketball almost as much as he loves helping kids. He’s pretty good at them both.
Ernie is also from Chile and is bilingual. As he met David’s parents, he showed them around the gym, shared with them the vision of Street2Street and thanked them for having David be a part of the program.
Their fears subsided as they were able to converse with Ernie. And now, they tell all of their friends to send their kids to Street2Street.

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