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The Gift That Keeps Giving

The whole plan was hinging on one major factor: obtaining a PS5 for our S2S Virtual Championship. A prize this size is no simple feat, especially when it sold out in under 12 hours. But still, our staff was determined to show their appreciation to kids who showed up week after week.

It wasn’t until three days before the Championship, the 11th hour, that Coach André got a call.

Larry is no stranger to André, and by relation, no stranger to Street2Street either. He was André’s mentor and youth leader growing up, and if you ask André, a major reason why he works with kids now.

“He poured a lot into me as a kid,” Coach André says with a smile, “and in return, I want to pour into this next generation.”

But the call wasn’t just to shoot the breeze. Larry had obtained exactly what André was looking for: a PS5. Sure, he could have sold it for double the price to someone else. But Larry has a soft spot for making a difference in someone’s life, so he struck a deal with André.

“If anything,” André shared, “Larry showed me that giving causes a ripple effect. Because he helped me as a kid, I’m able to help other kids. Because he gave a PS5, Street2Street is able to bless a kid this Christmas”.

Larry is just one reason why miracles keep happening at Street2Street. For every gift given, a blessing is received tenfold. From our coaches and donors, staff and volunteers, every gift of money, time and encouragement is rippled through the communities that need them most.

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