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The Gift That Keeps Giving Pt. 2

The anticipation was growing hour by hour, second by second. Players logged on early, by the dozens, to compete in the S2S Virtual Championship. With no shortage of trash talk, the tournament was underway.

In a round-robin tournament format, a player has to lose twice to be eliminated. And early in the qualifiers, Kevin lost his first game.

He remained composed, quiet even, as other players continued the smack talk.

“He’s the kid you kind of hopes win,” André admitted. “He’s just so nice, so happy to be a part of the community. He always shows up, always encourages, and never tears down another kid.”

Maybe it was his composure, or maybe the countless hours a day he plays video games, but Kevin slid into the Championship game, unassumingly.

For the first time, all eyes were on him. Every play, every mistake, every shot, every miss. But Kevin’s eyes were on the grand prize.

With the win came the grand prize of the new PS5. Coaches André and Clint planned to deliver it to Kevin, a Bronx-native, the very next day.

Until Kevin declined, not because he didn’t want the prize, but because he had to take a bus to his Grandma’s house.

Before André and Clint could even call, Kevin’s Grandma called needing some assistance around her house during Christmas. Kevin booked the first bus to Georgia and left the next morning.

“That’s exactly what a Champion is”, said André. “A Champion is a kid who gives even when it costs him something.”

From André and his mentor, to Kevin and his Grandma, I hope this story encourages you the same way it did me.

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