I first met Tony at S2S Paterson and we instantly hit it off. As you can imagine, 2 outgoing guys, who both love to talk, who love kids and love sports, we were inseparable from the get-go. I couldn’t get enough time with him. Every time he entered the gym, I tried to stay as close to him as possible. But I wasn’t the only one. Tony had an energy that was contagious and drew crowds. Everyone wanted to be near him. He was known as the little guy with the big heart.

Call it coincidence or fate, but Tony Browne happened to run into Lupo at a local grocery and Street2Street became the topic of conversation. Browne, who has been leading the charge in Paterson since the beginning, gave Lupo an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Lupo became a coach at S2S and came out of the gates like Mike Tyson in a fight. He came out to win. And win he did. He only coached for us for 3 years. He retired after he won his 3rd championship in a row, stepping down to let some other guys have a chance at winning.