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Invite All Your Friends

Corbin approached the Street2Street team to say his goodbyes at the end of our outdoor season. As he was saying his “Until next year!” farewell, he looked down at a flyer on the table advertising S2S Virtual.

As the seasons changed, our staff added weekly 3-on-3 tournaments to the list of virtual video games we offer to replicate our outdoor season.

“You mean I can still hang out with you every week?” He said as his slight grin turned into a full smile. “I’m going to invite all my friends!” Then he left with a stack of flyers.

Corbin has been a part of Street2Street for three years, playing in every tournament in Staten Island, Paterson and Brooklyn. He is known for bringing new friends with him everywhere he goes, every chance he gets.

Thursday at 3pm, Corbin logged on for his first taste of S2S Virtual. He stayed on mute until Coach André finished explaining the rules.

Then his voice came through the speakers of every player on the call. “Hey, Coach? Are we going to start with prayer like we always do?”

“Yeah! Can we do that on virtual like we do at the tournaments?” Another voice echoed.

Coach AndrĂ© opened with a word of prayer, and then led the largest virtual group we’ve had in our five month virtual history.

S2S Virtual exists for kids like Corbin and because of kids like Corbin. In his first week of virtual he brought two full teams with him.


“I now have a place I can always come. I can always be encouraged. And I know my friends will always be welcomed here. If it’s Street2Street, I’ll be there.”

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