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He Looks Just Like Us

He looks just like us.

“If Street2Street had tournaments in Houston, he would’ve been our guy”, Coach TaJuan, our NJ Director, stated. “Our connector. Our person of peace. If we were lucky, he would’ve been our coworker.”

He looks just like us.

“George Floyd’s message was clear”, added Coach André, our NJ/NY Director, “to bring the Gospel to the hood. He partnered with churches to provide for his community. He ran 3-on-3 basketball tournaments for the kids. He always showed up.”

He looks just like us.

“This is heavy”, expresses Coach Clint, our New York City Director. “He easily could’ve been our coworker, or it could have been us, it could have been me.”

He looks just like us.

As a Street2Street family, we are deeply hurting. We’re hurting with our teammates who could have easily been in George Floyd’s place. We’re hurting with our champions who could have easily been in George Floyd’s place. We’re hurting for the communities now with a missing piece because this was George Floyd’s place.

He looks just like us.

At Street2Street we are choosing, proudly, to stand with our brothers and sisters through this pain and injustice. We are choosing to lament, to mourn, to sit with the pain and discomfort in the presence of our loving and just God.

The mission of Street2Street, conveyed in our very name, is to be a bridge, to be peacekeepers, to be the connector for two very different worlds. And now, more than ever, our charge is clear, and urgent. We will continue to write the new narrative, to bridge the divide, to stand with the communities we belong to and serve.

Our kids today are asking questions of despair that sound much like those asked by Job, in ancient times. “What strength do I have, that I should continue to hope? What is my future, that I should be patient?”

Please pray for us, that God may give us wisdom in our answers.

We are proud of our team and proud to have you on our team.

We stand, we stand tall, we stand together. Until we all matter.

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