“Who are you talking to on the phone?” Kenny’s Grandma asked and not a second later appeared on Kenny’s screen waving as he introduced her to his Street2Street family.

“Thank you for all that you do for my grandson. Not just basketball, but these talks and life lessons you teach. He wouldn’t have this male leadership if it weren’t for you.”

Every day Street2Street programs meet via Zoom for homework help, at-home basketball practice, virtual basketball leagues through PS4 and chapel.

On Wednesday, Grandma joined in as we discussed the hardships of broken families.

“No, I don’t come from a broken family,” Kenny shared as if he was trying to convince himself more than us, “We all have each other’s back. We’re good.”

At that, Grandma reiterated her thankfulness of male leadership for her grandson and left the video chat.

Just last year, at 13 years old, Kenny was caught on the streets with a gun. His role models were the older kids that ran the block and the gun was their gift for his protection.