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The song Lord I Need You by Chris Tomlin provides a great example of how badly we need rest time with God in our lives.

We all know that rest is important in our lives. If we do not get time to rest, we will simply burnout and deteriorate. With that being said, very few people know that there are two main types of rest. The traditional kind is watching television and sleeping. The other vital rest we need is spiritually. We can only receive this type of rest by being close to God and devoting some time to see what he wants in our life, and to let him have control.

I understand that the first type of rest is easy to do and it can be quite fun. With that said, spiritual rest is just as important and will have a huge impact on our lives for the better. As hard as it is to separate ourselves from this world, it is necessary for spiritual growth and guidance to be at peak levels. When we spend time resting with God, He will restore us and prepare us for the future like no way a T.V. show or video game could. As said in Psalm 23:2-3, “He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake.” There is no rest quite like what time with God provides us. I think it is really important that we all strive to have more alone time with Him and if done properly, we will reap many benefits.

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