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The song Trust in You by Lauren Daigle displays how through trusting in God, we can find peace during any circumstance in life.

Most of us at least have family members or friends who care about us. People who will help us out during our journey of life. Having people who care for you is necessary for sustained growth in life. When we know that we are deeply cared for, it gives us an inner peace that is always with us. No matter how bad things might get in life, as long as we have a good support system, we can make it through anything. No matter how helpful our friends and family can be though, God alone can bring all the peace we will ever need in our lives.

When things are going bad in life, it can be a good idea to turn to friends and family for advice and help. Although, turning to God for guidance and peace should become automatic. In the bibles, it is said in 1 Peter 5:7, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you”. That is because while our friends and family will have good intentions, God’s intentions are perfect and his peace is perfect. When we are placed in difficult situations, all we need to do is turn to God and he will place peace over our life. He will let us know that no matter how bad things are, they will get better and you will know that He is watching over you. This feeling will give us an abundance of peace that will carry us on in life no matter what struggles we face.

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