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Choosing Street2Street

“When does Street2Street start up again?” Like clockwork, our kids started asking at the end of our tournament season.

Last year, we responded to our students’ need for community and an escape from the streets with Friday Night Live: a safe place to play basketball and be mentored by our coaches. Halfway through the program, the juvenile rehabilitation center students joined and knocked the commitment and competition levels out of the park. 

But for kids like Taj, it was something more than basketball.

Yeah, he was required to be there, playing with his ankle monitor on, but he was different. He stuck close to Coach André, hungry for his mentorship. He liked to be challenged and desired to change. During the pep talks he listened intently and asked questions unashamedly.

When our 12-week program started, he joined that too and even won the MVP award.

But that’s not the best part of his story.

You know who Taj called first when he completed his program and got his ankle monitor off?

That’s right. Coach André. 

And you’ll never believe the first player that walked through the doors at Friday Night Live this year. 


“I get to choose what I do on Friday nights now,” he told Coach André, “and I’m choosing to be here at Street2Street.” 

At Street2Street we’re a community of second chances. And third. And fourth. And however many chances it takes for kids to Play, know they Belong, and believe they Matter, ankle monitor, MVP, and everything in between.


Until they all Play, Belong, and Matter.

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