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Be Like Paul

It’s a story we’ve heard before, a story we’ve shared before. A reality we have almost become numb to.

But not Paul.

Paul is a friend of Coach André and was on the receiving end of a story André shared about a kid at Street2Street.

“Zee’s mom is a single mother, trying to make ends meet. His father is in prison. He has to push through to make it in life.”

The phone call went silent. Paul, finally gathering himself, responded with a mix of anger and sadness, his voice breaking at every word.

This one conversation pushed Paul to action. He met Zee and his teammates at Friday Night Live and committed to being there for them.

During COVID-19, he showed up on the Zoom calls for practice. And when we had our first ever Street2Street family picnic, Paul was there.

And so was Zee.

Paul promised he was only ever one call away, and he meant it.

He has been intentional about creating a sacred space with Zee and his teammates. Paul asks the difficult questions and listens with grace as the players share.

He shows up. At picnics. At practice. At games. He coaches sometimes, but cheers always.

Zee’s birthday is coming up and Paul has already bought him a brand-new pair of basketball sneakers that he can’t wait to gift him.

Street2Street exists for kids like Zee because of volunteers like Paul.

One friend. One conversation. One call to action.

One volunteer. One champion. One story we won’t grow numb to.

Be like Paul. Become a Street2Street volunteer today.

Until they all Play, Belong, and Matter.

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