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An Unexpected Friendship

“Man! I’m mad I invited someone to S2S Virtual who always beats me!” Larry’s comment was met with agreeance by the other players who have also lost to Ken.

Ken’s laugh roared over their complaints and with one quick move, he was victorious for the third week in a row.

Larry has been a part of Street2Street for two years and was one of the first kids to jump on board for Virtual. As avid gamers, Larry and Ken became friends through online gaming.

And when S2S Virtual was created, Larry invited Ken to compete in a tournament with him.

Ken, a 16 year old from Alabama, may have never heard of Street2Street, but with Virtual, kids from all over the country are able to be a part of the S2S community.

“The best part of S2S Virtual is that we have kids from all five boroughs, New Jersey, and now as far as Alabama connecting with each other.”

Clint, the coach behind Virtual, has watched it grow from just being video games, to a community kids want to be a part of.

“Kids know they’re welcomed here. They log on, not just to play, but to cheer, talk smack, and just say hello to their friends.”

From Harlem to Alabama, S2S Virtual has had the unexpected effect of creating a community for kids who would have never met otherwise.

And who now, couldn’t imagine life without Street2Street.

Until they all Play, Belong, & Matter.

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